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Teachings Of Faith In Today's World

Power In Faith is looking for like-thinking financial partners who are interested in faith based films and television production. This following is an overview of the “BELIEVERS AMONG US” series as well as information on key personnel in POWER IN FAITH. For much more detailed information please contact POWER IN FAITH.

Dear Believers,

As President of Power in Faith and co-creator of the Believers Among Us series, I wanted to personally share my thoughts regarding this exciting new entertainment series.

We’ve created Power in Faith in order to provide an alternative to commercial programming. As a father of two, I can’t tell you how many times I have searched for the right movie or television program to share being together on a family night. I’m sure you have all struggled with the same issue. You wouldn’t think that with so many channels out there, it would be so difficult to find something with a message…the right message.

Our purpose at Power In Faith is to create original programming that applies principles of faith and belief to everyday situations. Programs the entire family can relate to and enjoy together. Our first series is called “Believers Among Us.” This original series is very dear to our hearts. Each episode reveals how everyday people like you and I reach out to let our faith guide us through troubled times. I sincerely believe you and your family will receive great enjoyment from watching these episodes. We have also compiled these touching stories and made them available in the form of a novel to provide a rewarding reading experience.

On a personal note, I want to share with you that Power In Faith will dedicate a portion of the proceeds from all its sales to foster community programs that reach our youth of today. They, of course, are our future.

In closing, I thank you for taking the time to visit us and hope this series touches your life the way it has ours.

Join us in our search for the next “Believer Among Us.”


Ralph Portillo


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Teachings Of Faith In Today's World

“BELIEVERS AMONG US” is a new faith-based television series. The first four one-hour episodes have been seen on most of the major Christian Television Networks such as TBN, SKY ANGEL, TCT Network, Cornerstone Network, Faith TV and Total Living Network reaching over 165 countries around the world.

Already the “BELIEVERS AMONG US” series has won the prestigious Telly Award, Aurora Award, the Davey Award and the Millennium Award

The POWER IN FAITH principals have proven expertise with the key aspects of film production. Each aspect demands talent and experience to be successful. Each must be handled well to ensure a profitable project. We believe that the combined expertise of the following POWER IN FAITH principals in film production and marketing is essential to the continued success of this venture:

Ralph Portillo (CEO and President) - Mr. Portillo is an award-winning director and producer with over 20 years of directing and production experience. He has won awards at The New York Film Festival, Worldfest Houston, Cindy Awards and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Mr. Portillo holds an MBA degree in International Business.

Jamie Elliott (COO and Executive Vice President) - Ms. Elliott has proven success as both a producer and writer. As a producer she has received awards at Houston Worldfest and The Santa Clarita International Film Festival. Ms. Elliott began her career in the film industry as a casting director, casting over 400 films and commercials. She is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Brad Wilson (Vice President of Development and Production) – Mr. Wilson was head of Academy Award winning actor Robert Duvall’s production company for 11 years. As a producer his films have received awards from the Berlin Film Festival, The America Cinema Foundation, The Chicago Film Critics Association and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


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